Micro Allyship

Allyship What does it mean to be an ally? Today I saw a great example of allyship. In order to demonstrate true allyship I want to compare my two anatomy professors. My cadaver instructor does not do a good job respecting boundaries. When walking he frequently touches people, he will put a hand on yourContinue reading “Micro Allyship”

Functioning Labels

I would like to preface this post by thanking Rebecca Burgess who to the best of my knowledge is the inventor of the color wheel theory.             Functioning labels for Autism are currently a hot button topic. Medical professionals tend to like functioning labels, however many sociologists, and autistic individuals feel that functioning labels areContinue reading “Functioning Labels”

When Basic Human Rights are Treated as Impossibilities

I used to be understanding when people complained about meeting accommodations. I understood that it was hard to meet accommodations, it’s hard to remember to caption your videos, it takes time to find solution to a problem presented. I used to understand. When I asked for professors to let me know ahead of time ifContinue reading “When Basic Human Rights are Treated as Impossibilities”

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